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Tips on Buying a Car Audio Speaker

car stereo Tips on Buying a Car Audio SpeakerTips on Buying a Car Audio Speaker – Currently available speaker various cars from various types and brands, it is rather difficult to determine what type of speakers that fit your car audio installation. There are a few main points that should be considered in selecting speakers for the audio system in the car. There is an important specification to consider when choosing your car audio speakers.

This specification gives an overview of how much noise that would result from the speaker’s power amplifier connected to the speakers. If the car audio system already installed standard head unit, or power amplifier oem car then choose speakers with high sensitivity value will correspond to your audio system. But if it is using an aftermarket power amplifier / speaker who branded the search has a low sensitivity values ​​and if supplied with sufficient power then the speaker will produce a good sound.

Power Handling
This specification will give you an idea of ​​how much power (in watts) that is acceptable speakers. If the car audio system does not use a power source is not large, it is not necessary to choose a large powerful speakers. Conversely if you already have a high-powered power amplifier is needed which has a speaker power handling close to the power output of the power amplifier.

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