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Style 2011 = Green Architecture Minimalist

TRENDS occupancy in 2011 still refers to the trend of previous years. Residential-style minimalism still be the mainstream next year. Additionally, the concept of environmentally friendly would accompany such a minimalist concept.

The trend of building architectural style for 2011 not much had changed. Judging from the development of the existing design in the field, minimalist trend is still going to have trade value next year.

Sale value in the sense, he added, seeing the public interest in choosing a dwelling. Until there is one case, one of the developers who are fairly established or well-established forced to buy back process, to save profits. That buy-back styles are Mediterranean-style house that still turned out in one cluster is not sold much. The developer was bought back and then torn down and built a house with a new model, namely the concept of minimalism.

The reason they still see the trend of minimalism as future trends,  if the production cost model with a minimalist style of other buildings more or less equal. But if practically minimalist type of building is easy, it is wrong because it is minimalist minimal detail. That is, if we make a box shape, then its form must be completely square.

However, it would be like if minimalist in 2011? minimalist for 2011 will tend toward the minimalist green. Green minimalist it’s not just giving an artificial garden in a house alone. But, more to the buildings that are environmentally friendly. In a sense, minimize the greenhouse effect, the use of materials such as the use of environmentally friendly light steel. Another example, using materials that nature does not destroy the forests, such as wood, metal, and stone.

If necessary, the use of materials existing material might be better. For example, tree roots made for desk. While have had a lot to the discourse down to the supermarket, raising to use materials that already exist environmentally friendly. You can discuss with the Architect Your Home.

So even in terms of design, ranging from the room and form a layer does not have relied on one style. However, more adapt to the needs of the occupants. What is meant not only maximize the minimalist green plants, but is more in understanding. That is, green minimalist it had reached on the use of building materials and workmanship of environmentally friendly buildings.

Moreover, green building architecture minimalist style could be a culture in the usage of everyday appliances. For example, efficient use of electricity, water treatment is necessary, the use of more energy efficient lighting, the electricity’s power was small but the ambience was the same with the lights greater electricity’s power. The main minimize the use of the greenhouse effect on the building.

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