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How to Start a Property Business Without Capital

Business property is a business that began ogled by many people, formerly occupied only by a few people, lots of books, seminars, workshops that discuss how your way of starting a business property. I’ve studied some of the ebook and books on how to start a property business without capital, was once a simple way, this time I will explain briefly.

In starting a business without capital property are many roles that we can take them as a broker, as the owner of the property itself or as a property developer.

On this occasion I will explain how to start a business without capital as a property developer. Do the following:

1. Looking for land or land
Could use its own land, soil parent, brother’s, friend’s or belong to someone else, if not one’s own we need to convince the owner of the land, how to convince the owner of the land? course by showing that we know exactly and control what we do and we explain how the system of collaboration and how the potential benefits.

2. Create images and Budget Plan
Once you can land the next stage is to create an image and the first budget draft because we will sell the house and rab capitalize images only, what about the cost of drawings and a budget plan? This can be tricked by collaborating with the architect with the agreement of the results, the percentage of the architects of the estimated cost of services tailored to the architect and the overall project cost.

3. Looking for Capital to build a house
If we’ve managed to convince the owners of land next stage is to seek capital to build houses. Capital may be obtained by searching our home buyer who will then ask for money up front, if he bought the house housing cash then can we begin, of course, equipped with a letter of agreement on how the next payment, if he can buy using Bank after the down payment We also directly ask the credit on behalf of the buyer because it is used to build houses, do not begin construction until it was clear that the first loan was approved in anticipation of housing should not be neglected. Development of capital can also be obtained from construction to apply for credit in our name or the name of our company.

4. If we use a construction loan for the construction of the first we have to return the name of the certificate on behalf of us, to convince the owner of the land complete with a letter of agreement. Be careful when using this technique, taking into account the loan obtained to build enough houses to make sure there is complete or the funds to pay the monthly installments for the unfinished property or for property not sold, make sure the agreement is sounded that the house sold before then there is our percentage of ownership land and the house is in accordance with the percentage of our funds which have been entered into the construction of houses.

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