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Detox Diet

There are several books on Detox Diet diet on the market generally is theorized that the chemicals found in food can be toxic to the body system. And that makes it difficult to control body weight.

In the book The Detox Diet, Dr. Paula Baillie Hamilton said that the chemicals that influence the metabolism of our body is like a fattened calf on the ranch. The chemicals also damage the taste as well as the body’s ability to burn food.

Therefore, reducing the chemicals that enter the body will make the body work better. You will be healthier and your body will not accumulate fat. The trick is to eat organic foods and reduce consumption of processed foods, especially those containing hazardous substances, such as saturated fats and dyes. Nyans similar to Baillie, ‘adherents’ other Diet Detox, Carol Vorderman advised to consume vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs for a month. He did not allow the consumption of meat, fish, simple carbohydrates, dairy products and salt.

Dr. Bailie Hamilton and Carol Vorderman invite you to reduce excess body’s calories come from chemicals, as well as building systems are a natural weight loss, cleanses the body of the buildup of chemical toxins.

Can it work?
It sounds very good indeed, but it seems that many nutritionists still do not understand how chemicals can affect weight gain. Wendy Doyle, a nutritionist from the British Dietician Association revealed that it has not found evidence that consumption of certain foods will produce detoksifasi on the body. “After all we are During the liver and kidneys bertungsi properly, the body will detoxify itself,” he said. The same thing was said by Dr. David Mutimer from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

“The mechanism of detoxification in the human body is very complex. So it takes thousands of years to try to replace it with only a few types of food.” On the positive side, Dr.. Baillie Hamilton is a doctor with a Ph.D. in human metabolism. He did his own research on how toxins in the body can reduce the hormones that will control your weight. And certainly, Detox Diet will most likely be able to help you lose weight because it makes you reduce your calorie intake.

Detox diets are generally very low in calories, so you will lose weight quite dramatically in a short time. The risk you will be malnourished because of the number of calories is reduced too dramatically. Wendy and Dympna Pearson, diet consultant and head of the Working Dieticians in Obesity Management, UK, said: “Most likely this is also very low dietary calcium because almost 50% of calcium obtained from dairy products, which is forbidden in this diet. And it is dangerous for bone health . ” He was convinced that there is no evidence to suggest that certain herbal supplements or teas can eliminate the toxins in the body.

To be successful for you
Drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables. Choose organic vegetables whenever possible, and do not forget to exercise regularly during detoxification. No need to let yourself starve, because this diet is not a diet that requires you to feel hungry. It may also add supplements such as Detoxil, which contains nutrients to help the liver (liver) to clean toxins and protect your immune system. Detox Diet should avoid the extreme, and doing this diet gradually. You will likely also experience headaches, stomach aches, constipation or tired when the body remove toxins.

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