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Advantages and Disadvantages of Running a Franchise Business

Many people like to have your own business, have the time freedom and financial freedom. One of the obstacles most people to start developing its business is not yet know enough about business to be executable and not have the courage to try, because it was haunted by fear of failure.

It is based on failure rate data for a beginner in doing business is very large, then how to minimize them? one of the most appropriate solution is to run a franchise business, certainly in choosing the right franchise yet to be studied with good track record and its services, this time we will discuss what the profit-making and disadvantages in running a franchise business.


1. Business concept was clear and helped with the training so that businesses run in accordance with the concepts or the main product.
2. Running a business concept that has been recognized by the public road and
3. Controls business has been assisted by the system
4. Consultation with providers of franchising can be any obstacles encountered in the field
5. Business development is also considered by providers of franchising


1. Loss When one chose a franchise because in our initial franchise fee has been depositing money whose value is large enough
2. The advantage gained some providers set a franchise for the results
3. Some providers of franchise is not much help in developing the business, they only give the concept, to transfer the concept but they are not responsible for the success of the business, their hands-off against subsequent business trips.
4. If the main business got into trouble it will affect the other franchise businesses.
Therefore when we decided to run a franchise business then we should learn what benefits and support offered by the franchise, a role offered by the franchise should be great and we really need it because we did not do it alone and have no experience on the field them.

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